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Stackable SEL is an educational resource tool that allows any educator to generate personalized SEL videos that are customized for their school. You simply choose your topic, select colors or themes, imbed images, add voiceover, and publish a video that will enhance any established program or become the foundation of social-emotional learning at your school.  School Counselors will love delivering a research-based instructional video that their students will enjoy and connect with in a meaningful way. Students learn valuable skills while schools get the peace of mind that all students are being reached.

Stackable SEL is different and NEEDED because kids learn so much better from people they have relationships already established with. You are their expert person when it comes to social and emotional learning. Enhance your school counseling program by including videos made by you specifically for your students and school community!

Emotional Intelligence, Prosocial Behaviors

SEL skill instruction that meet standards

Customizable for your school

Created by someone your students know personally

User-Friendly, Content-Rich, Skill-Specific

Enhance and complement any PBIS/MTSS/SEL program

Video templates are available now for you to customize for your school!

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