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Hello! I am Renee Stack!  As a licensed school counselor with a Masters Degree in Applied Educational Psychology, I am very familiar with the skills kids need to find academic and social success in school. I operate under the philosophy that no kid is free from experiencing adversity, so all kids need to learn how to build the skills to positively handle potential challenges in life.


I believe that universal social-emotional learning is the missing piece of the mental health puzzle, therefore, I seek to provide an easy tool for teaching skills kids may have not acquired yet due to missed social-emotional and behavior instruction. Usually these skills are not part of the general curriculum; however, they are often the most important skills for kids to learn.  If all kids have the foundation of social and emotional learning, the stigma surrounding mental health will automatically decrease. Educators should feel as though they have the resources available to provide SEL instruction in engaging ways that are easy to create and implement, AND that kids enjoy and connect with in a meaningful way!


I believe in the prevention and intervention of mental illness by

promoting mental wellness for all people!

Consultation & SEL Support

This service is a way to connect with me regarding ways to help support your own and/or your child's overall well-being. Please feel free to email to set up a time to connect on the phone.

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Social Emotional Learning

Students need to fully learn and utilize general and advanced concepts and skills for social emotional learning. Videos include research-based lessons that allow kids to have exposure to lessons vital for mental wellness. Please contact us for more information!

Community Connections

I am happy to engage with the community through public speaking events, education and wellness panels, and consulting with educational centers and districts.

Contact me to discuss your needs!

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