Balancing Act: Zero Calorie Desserts

There are many days when I feel like I can accomplish anything! Seriously- ANYTHING! "I could make that shelving unit. I could totally paint that room. I could create a series of lessons on self-esteem to share. I could refinish that desk. I could redesign my living room. I could plan my school counseling lessons for all of next year. I could go to that social event... and that one... and that one. I could design, plan, purchase, prepare, and build a master closet system from scratch. I could make honey vinaigrette brussel sprouts as part of a family meal. I could finish that business proposal. I could watch that movie. I could edit those articles. I could read that book. I could clean out my car. I could edit my school's entire yearbook... by tomorrow. I could reorganize my basement. I could wake up and do that Pure Barre on Demand class tomorrow. I could write that blog post."

Yep... those were all of the things I thought I could accomplish in the last 10 days. 10 days ago I felt like I could take on anything!! Ever have that feeling? Well, to get an idea, just picture me standing at a dessert table that was full of an assortment of scrumptious, delicious pastries and treats that were ZERO calories and actually healthy. (Fantasy, I know!) Of course, I grab the biggest plate and start filling it with any treat that looked even a tiny bit tasty! Duh!

It is quite gratifying when I wake up ready to take on any challenge - that feeling of purpose fuels me. I find myself saying YES to anything that comes my way and if no one is asking me to do something, I find other ways to say YES by coming up with a new idea or project to pursue. Metaphorically, I add some more tasty treats to my plate... I know it's getting a little full and slightly wobbly, but c'mon... ZERO calorie desserts!!!

These moments are when I feel the most like myself - I am in tune with my strengths and skills and talents. I can visualize success from the smallest idea. The creative energy I feel sends waves of positive vibes through me and into whatever I'm working on. I truly feel confident and joyful. The yummy desert plate is full of everything I thought it would be and more, so I start to take a bite out of everything! A nibble here, a nibble there, deliciousness everywhere!

Okay, okay... you know where this is going. There is no such thing as zero calorie desserts that are actually healthy. Even if those fantasy treats did exist, there is no way that I could eat them all at once.

So - reality sets in. There are only so many hours in a day and so many days in a week. And if I think about it, most of the hours in my days are devoted to daily life commitments already from being a wife, a mom, and a school counselor. Let's think about a regular day in the life of Renee, which probably is fairly similar to your own:

5:30... alarm... think about exercising... snooze.

5:45... snooze.

6:13... wake up in a rush and start getting ready

6:45... wake up the kids if they aren't up already (get all three through their morning routine in 30 minutes)

7:15... eat breakfast

7:30... out the door, drop off younger kids at childcare

7:45... get to work with oldest kid

4:30... leave work, pick up younger kids

5:00... get home, make dinner, hang out with kids, do random chores around the house

7:00... start bedtime routine

8:00... put the kids to bed

8:15... pick up kitchen, do dishes, chat with husband, watch a show

10:00... tired sets in and off to bed (give or take a half hour)

(Disclaimer - my husband is an amazing partner in life and walks the dog, packs lunches, makes breakfast, empties dishwasher in the morning and does the grocery shopping for the family in the evenings as part of his routine.)

So, needless to say, there isn't a lot of extra time to do EVERYTHING that I daydreamed I could accomplish. What I need to do when I'm overcome with positive energy is harness it into working on one project at a time. One dessert that will satisfy my taste buds, even though it does have some calories in the form of time. Sometimes the treat I choose will have more calories, so I know that I should take it easy for a little while. Sometimes that dessert I choose is manageable and once finished, then I can assess the next treat to see how many calories (time) it may take. I just need to keep in mind.... don't bite off more than I can chew!

Don't you love a good, applicable metaphor?!?!

How do you manage the impulse to "do it all" when you're feeling like you can?